The Story of how an American guy meets Taiwanese girl Part I: Our story began in winter quarter of 2010. We both took Japanese class.Christie claims she recognized me the first day because she couldn't tell if I was a boy or a girl (she still remembers the shirt I wore the first day of school). I was a lonely boy in the class and didn't talk to many people. I didn't have any friends to sit by so I would sit in the only available seat, the front of the class. There was a lot of student interaction as people often group up and speak Japanese with one another. I had no partner, for no one was sitting beside me. However, Christie was the closest person near me. I would join her group along with two other people. As I became part of her group I was excited to attend class, (something that rarely happens) and would anticipate group work. The quarter was coming to an end and I knew I had to get her email in order to keep in contact with her. The last lecture class, I asked emails from everyone in my group (secretly I did this just to get her email and to not seem suspicious). During this time I had become affiliated with most other other students and something funny happened. Another Chinese girl (which later became our good friend) asked me for my email. As I left the class I was sad because I didn't know if I would see Christie again and had an eerie feeling that I would lose the paper. I kept checking my backpack to see if her email address was still there. When I got home I saved her email address but did not add her yet because I did not want to seem desperate to talk to her (very childish lol). However, once I logged on Facebook a Korean girl from my class added me. I asked her how she found me and she told me she asked the Chinese girl to get my email for her. 0_0 


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